Bed n Breakfast Mount Abu,Budgeted Accommodation in Mount Abu
Bed n Breakfast Mount Abu,Budgeted Accommodation in Mount Abu
Seth Shri Raghunath Das Parihar Dharamshala Trust was established in the year 1950 by Seth Shri Raghunath Das Parihar. He was born in the village Tinwari, 45 kms. from Jodhpur in a moderate family with agricultural background in the year 1882. Instead of parental agriculture business, he was interested in trading business and had decided to shift to Jodhpur without educational, financial and business background. Due to his sincerity and dedication towards work, he became one of the richest persons of Jodhpur city. He was awarded with the title of "SONA & PAALKI SAROPANV" (Permission to wear Gold from Head to Feet) and "NAGAR SETH" by then His Highness Hon'ble Shri Umaid Singhji for his financial contribution to the society, specially when it was most needed. During famine he donated the total cost of T. B. Hospital of Jodhpur, built in the year 1943.
In the year 1950, he felt that the visitors coming to Jodhpur from rural part of the district for medical aid and for other purposes face problems of accommodation. He took the decision to build a Dharamshala and constituted a trust and the trust deed, mentioning the object and the governance of the Dharamshala and got the trust registered on 24th Oct 1950. Unfortunately he could not survive till the Dharamshala was built and became operational on 21st Aug 1953, but he had separated the funds required for the project before his death on 19th March 1951.
Since 1953 this trust is successfully operating on it's object of Service to Society on the basis of no profit no loss.


The object of trust is to serve the society by providing clean, hygienic and healthy environment with strict discipline and highest possible living standards at lowest possible cost, which is worked out by keeping in view the overheads, maintenance and development of facilities from time to time, for the guests.
We are environment and nature friendly people and strictly prohibit smoking, non vegetarian food and alcohol consumption in the Inn's premises to provide a pleasant atmosphere. We ensure healthy food & homely environment at very affordable rates, using the experience of four generations of serving the society.

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